Shaping the Unbounded

Kasteel De Wittenburg, Wassenaar, Netherlands - 2015
Embassy of Mexico in The Hague, Netherlands - 2015

"Stitches of Peace" represent the healing method for wounds.

This series represents the healing process achieved by the stitching of fragments and wounds caused by endless war and conflicts, unlimited violence and ambition that are prevalent in our world today.

While reflecting on the theme of this year’s International Day of Peace: “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All” the artist was inspired to incorporate some sort of surgical stitches in her painting “Stitches of Peace” to represent the healing method for wounds, and to hope for a World in peace with dignity for all.

Every stitch (figurative or real) in the paintings, was a part of the meditation process that the artist went through in order to send with these paintings, a message of peace, love and light to all the nations and people that are suffering conflicts and wars today.

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Light Under Siege

Mixed media on canvas - 40 x 40"

One Life

Acrylic on canvas - 44 x 44"


Mixed media on canvas - 40 x 40"

Stitches to Peace

Mixed media on canvas / different techniques - 60 x 56"

Windows of Hope

Acrylic on canvas - 60 x 60"